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Team P2T

Team P2T is an app that keeps your entire team connected with each other.  Think of it as an ongoing conference call that everyone is on. To talk to the group, you simply push the button in the app (or the P2T button on our rugged phones). The app can be installed on any Android device.

You can have multiple groups, but each user can only be connected to one group at a time.

Some uses include warehouses, offices, restaurants, security and retail stores can all take advantage of Team P2T.

Users can use their phone’s speaker, a Bluetooth headset or a wired headset to stay connected.

No need for new hardware, walkie talkies or phone plans.  The app works best when the phones are connected to WiFi.

Use any Android Based Device with  Team P2T

Use our Rugged Phones for a dedicated push to talk button.

Our Plan

One Plan - All the Features$99.99

  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Groups
  • No Restrictions
  • All Android devices
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